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Please welcome Carole J. Obley as she chats with us about her book and experiences:

Where did you get the inspiration to write, Soul To Soul Connections?

I wanted to expand on the information contained in my second book, I’m Still with You: True Stories of Healing Grief Through Spirit Communication (O-Books, 2008.) Specifically, I wanted to show how it is possible for people to find peace within themselves about relationships with deceased family members by connecting with their own spiritual essence.  As a medium, I’ve sat with hundreds of people who continue to suffer anguish, regret, depression and other self-defeating emotions months and years after their loved one’s death. This book shares some of those stories and offers hope and encouragement for letting go of the past and moving beyond these painful emotions. All of the inspiration and material has sprung from my own work as a professional medium, workshop creator and lifelong student of metaphysics.

Was the process of writing as you expected, compared to your previous book?

When I get the concept for a book, I begin by formulating an outline. Working with this “skeleton” enables me to organize myriad of thoughts, themes and other material I have about that concept. As the work progresses, I fill in the bare bones with the meat- the details- of the topic. I wouldn’t choose to work without an outline; it’s my anchor, my grounding that I continually refer to when writing.

On the other hand, my intuition serves me well as the process of writing unfolds in that I may experience feelings that prompt me to say something in a clearer, more profound manner for the benefit of readers. Actually, this book came together much more quickly than my first two. The “birth” was less painful than I expected!

What type of books do you like to read?

When I’m writing, I rarely read books since I want to maintain the integrity of my own writing. Otherwise, I read only non-fiction, metaphysically-themed books on the afterlife and healing.

Please tell us about yourself

I’m a fellow traveler on the pathway of expressing Spirit within to the best of my ability.

What advice can you share for someone who wants to write a book?

Don’t quit your day job! Unless you are a well-known personality, it will not pay the bills. Seriously, writing takes an enormous amount of dedication, determination and self-discipline. Most days (in-between earning a living) you are at the keyboards hammering out new ideas you’ve gotten about the material you’ve already written or you’re being inspired to use a different approach. At least, that’s how it goes with me. But my books have been amazing vehicles that have connected me with people I would have never met- some from other countries. So in the long run, it has all been worthwhile.

Other thoughts

Working with 6th Books has been a rewarding experience for me. Because everything is done through the Internet, publishing with them has fostered a good deal of self-sufficiency for me. I’m grateful that in the beginning, they were open to where we, as a team, could go with my writing.


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About the Book – in Soul to Soul Connections, spiritual medium Carole J. Obley shows us how we can transform unfinished business from the past into profound spiritual understanding and experience true freedom of being. By sharing inspiring, real stories from her extensive case files of direct communication with clients deceased loved ones, she leads us into our own heart and soul to relinquish guilt,anger, grief and fear. Readers will also receive expert guidance on opening and trusting their personal connection to the loving wisdom of the Other Side and to their own intuition. This book offers healing and comfort to anyone wanting to forgive and feel at peace.

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